New bomb, weapon detection technology comes to FSD1 high schools


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Florence one school board members approved a machine that will detect gun or bombs at three high schools.

South Florence, West Florence and Wilson high school will all get new technology right when you walk into the door to keep your kids safe.

“You can screen multiple people at the same time, so you don’t have to send people through individually,” said Doug Nunnally, director of security and school safety for FSD1.

Metal detectors are everywhere, airports, government building, or even when you go to a concert, now Florence schools will install a similar machine.

“It does a better job on what’s currently out there because it will localize a weapon and freeze up our staff to do really what they were hired to do which is to educate the kids,” said Nunnally.

The technology by ‘Evol Express’ will allow students to walk right through the machine without having to stop or wait for someone to check you.

With recent shootings across the country and several false bomb threats in the district, the hope is to put parents and students more at ease.

“If the system detects any sign of a weapon or contraband material, it will be programmed to notify you as they go through the machine and then you can put those people aside for further clearance,” said Nunnally.

The district is the second district in the state to have these machines. This will cost roughly $800,000 over the next four years.

“There’s one other school in Spartanburg and they were the first to roll this out. They only have it on one campus and they’re planning to expand to the middles schools later on,” said Nunnally.

The new technology will be installed first at West Florence in December.

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