New business and economic boom near Inland Port Dillon


DILLON, SC (WBTW) – Inlet Port Dillon is getting ready to load and unload more containers as businesses expand and relocate to the area. For two years, the port has provided convenient transportation for businesses near the port facility.

Huber Engineered Wood, LLC, Equus Capital Partners, Ltd., and Marlboro Development are just a few putting their money into the expansion or construction of two new buildings near Inland Port Dillon.

Since opening in April 2018, Inland Port Dillon has influenced the transportation system and also made another great impact. “There is no question as to what Dillon is going to become, what the Pee Dee is going to become…” Micheal Elmore, Inland Port Dillon Terminal Manager said.

Going on two years, the new method of transporting goods in the Pee Dee has triggered business expansion, relocation, employment rates and community development, something people from here never thought they’d see.

Over 1,000 new jobs were the product of 23 companies expanding or relocating to the region in 2019. “With the industries coming to the area, there is no question if job opportunities will come up. It’s getting ready for them, start interviewing,” Elmore said.

In 2020, more companies have already jumped on board. The combined investment would bring over 180 million dollars and 130 jobs to the region. Businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities they’ve never had thanks to the inland port.

“If you’re a new company looking with a logistical component, you almost have to look at our region now as an opportunity. We didn’t have that before the inland port,” Jeff McKay, Executive Director at NESA said.

The terminal manager at Inland Port Dillon says more local farmers are also planting crops thanks to the port creating a gateway to the international market.

A nearly 400,000 square foot spec warehouse broke ground this month in Dillon County, just one mile from the port. A large agricultural business has construction plans set to begin in March.

Renderings of new 373,000 square foot warehouse, one mile from Inland Port Dillon (Photo: NESA)

“The advantage of having that inland port there means everything to the community, it’s tremendous cost savings and tremendous time savings for them to be able to get their products to retail outlets,” McKay said.

Employees and residents noticing the economic growth in their community say they’re hopeful that there’s no end to where business and the Pee Dee region can go from here. “I now have an area where I can raise my grandchildren and I am talking about 18 and 19-year-old kids. They now can look forward to a future here in the Pee Dee region,” Elmore said.

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