New device able to monitor vaping in schools


(CNN NEWSOURCE) – As vaping continues to be a concern nationwide, some schools are stepping up measures to discourage it.

Public schools in Lee County, Florida have hired 11 additional security guards to look for students vaping.

Now, the district is looking into installing a type of monitor that is able to detect if someone is vaping.

They’re called Fly Sense, and alert school officials electronically if e-cigarettes are being used. They could potentially be placed where students tend to vape, including bathrooms.

“When a kid goes to vape in a bathroom using Juul or any other e-cigarette that vape gets into the air, our devices they’re sensored, that’s looking for that vaping signature,” Fly Sense CEO Derek Peterson said.

The devices are able to detect vapor in the air, and send text alerts to administration as to where it’s being detected.

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