HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) – Investigators recently released new files of evidence in the Heather Elvis disappearance case following the lifting of the gag order in the case.

Right now, Sidney and Tammy Moorer are each serving 30 years in prison for kidnapping and both continue to maintain their innocence.

Heather Elvis_16892
Heather Elvis

Heather Elvis a was last seen nearly 6 years ago on December 18th, 2013. Elvis had an affair with Sidney Moorer.

Investigators released a police interview with Tammy Moorer and Carmen Rodriguez who was with Horry County Police at the time. The interview took place in January 2014, more than a month after Heather’s disappearance.

Tammy Moorer came to police that day to follow up on complaints of harassment and willingly answered Rodriguez’s questions.

Tammy said this regarding her husband’s relationship with Heather, “I had boyfriends. We had an open marriage. It’s okay. I could care less if he had sex with 100 people it doesn’t bother me.”

This is in direct contrast to a text message from Tammy Moorer to her friend in early December 2014, in reference to Sidney said “I do not love him. He betrayed me and I will never ever forgive or forget it. Trust me there’s zero love on my end.”

Another message sent by Tammy the day before Heather Elvis’ disappearance said, “I just had someone cheat on me that I thought was my soulmate. You never know who will screw you over in life. I felt totally betrayed. I’m better off without the liar.”

Sidney Moorer said when he ended things with Elvis to focus on his marriage, Elvis continued to call him.

Surveillance video shows Sidney calling Elvis from a payphone the day she disappeared.

Sidney initially denied calling Heather from a payphone, but a couple of minutes later admits to calling her from a payphone after police say they surveillance video of him making the call.

Sidney told police he called her from the payphone to tell her to leave him alone because she had been leaving notes on his car while he was at work.

Phone records show the call lasted three minutes and that Elvis called back nine times within 35 minutes. Phone records also Sidney Moorer was the last person Heather called before her disappearance.

Neither Sidney nor Tammy gave a clear explanation as to what might have happened to Elvis.

“We’re just trying to get to the bottom of this with her being missing. Hopefully, she turns out,” said one investigator.

“That would be fantastic because everything’s like oh she’s fine,” Sidney said. “She disappeared and ran off and did whatever the hell she did.”

Both Sidney and Tammy were arrested about a month after the recordings. All of this evidence was released when a gag was lifted in the case.