New group to the Grand Strand helping female veterans


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW)- For the first time, the Grand Strand now has a group dedicated to help female veterans in our area.

“We’ve been referred to for decades as the invisible veterans,” said Commander Bambi Bullard, a retired marine.

Bambi Bullard is making sure female veterans voices are heard. She’s a retired marine,worked in the Pentagon, and knows what it’s like to serve in a male dominated field.As the number of women in the military grows, she started the local chapter of the the National Women Veteran’s of America four months ago.

“To advocate for women veterans in the area, to help cut through red tape for them, to direct them to the right resources that they need for the issues they’re facing,”said Bullard.

Bullard said the biggest issue facing female veterans is homelessness. The highest percentage increase in the veteran homeless community are women.

Many homeless female veterans are victims of military sexual trauma or MST. an estimated 1 in 5 female veterans in the VA healthcare system reported being victims of MST.

“We weren’t believed, and when you went to your command they protected each other. you had to fight not only to be heard, but had to fight the results of what happened,” said Bullard.

Margo Boyle is a Veitnam Veteran and the group has helped her find resources. The issues she has seen deal with women’s health.

“I’ve run into female veterans who have a lot of problems with their healthcare through the VA because they’re just now starting to see that we have different needs then the men do,” said Boyle.

Like gynecology and mammograms. The group said this is a place where sisters of the armed forces can come together.

“Knowing that they’re safe where they can talk to us, they can tell their stories, they can be around people who have the same experiences,” said Bullard.

The National Women Veteran’s of America is a non profit. If you’d like to help the local chapter, or need help contact Bambi Bullard at or call 843-360-0209.

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