MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – News13 got a look at new renderings for a proposed library and children’s museum in the superblock area of downtown myrtle beach on Wednesday.

The ideas were brought to the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation by LS3P, the company the DRC paid to come up with the new plan.

The biggest difference in the new plan is that the businesses on either side of the front corners of the Superblock that face Nance Plaza are included and would stay right where they are.

Those businesses are Jack Thompson’s Studio and Gallery and House Parts. 

Tuesday, Myrtle Beach City Council rescinded the motion to give the city the power to use eminent domain to get those two properties.

Those business owners have gone back and forth with the city for almost a year now asking to be part of the city’s plan.

According to the renderings, the children’s museum would face Nance Plaza and the library would face 9th Avenue. That’s also different than designs shown in the past.

DRC members also looked at ideas to put classroom space inside the library for Coastal Carolina University, a roof garden on top of the library, and to repurpose the existing buildings in the Superblock for the children’s museum instead of demolishing them.

DRC Executive Director Lauren Clever says these are all simply ideas.

“LS3P presented a concept of what a potential project could look like including the buildings that the DRC owned, and that’s exactly what it was. It was a concept – not a design. It was just basically showing you the space where that project could sit,” said Clever.  

Last year, News13 asked Clever if the DRC would have to have the two businesses in the Superblock to build the library and children’s museum. She said they would if they wanted to do the project right.

Wednesday, we asked what changed.

“As LS3P presented it, there’s some options. You know, it’s just creativity, and it shows that the use of the space can incorporate those projects,” said Clever.

There’s still no real plan to fund the project, and Clever says she doesn’t know how much it will cost.

“I think based on the meeting today, it all goes back to council and where’s the vision and where’s the plan and you know where do we go from here,” said Clever.

The representative from LS3P declined to comment on the project because she says right now the renderings are only concepts and ideas for the DRC to discuss.