CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) – An FBI agent, citing a statement from a prison inmate, says a teenage girl who disappeared from Myrtle Beach seven years ago was abducted, gang-raped, shot to death and thrown into an alligator-infested swamp.

Agent Gerrick Munoz last week gave the first detailed account of what investigators think happened to 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel of Rochester, New York, after she disappeared in 2009. His account, contained in a federal court transcript is based on a statement from a prison inmate who claims he was present when she was killed.CLICK HERE to read court documents.

In the court documents, the witness told officials that he saw several sexually assaulting Drexel at a “stash-house in McClellanville.  He said Drexel tried to escape but was caught, pistol-whipped and then later shot.  He claimed Drexel’s body was then thrown into a pit with alligators, documents revelaed.

But a McClellanville woman whose husband and son have been implicated by the inmate says the story is just a bunch of “craziness” adopted by federal authorities desperate to solve the case.