LAMAR, SC (WBTW) – One town in Darlington County has a new Police Chief, who wants to cover more of the surrounding area to crack down on drug trafficking and problem areas.

Just two months in and Police Chief Jason Chaney says he’s always out looking for more ways to protect and serve the people of Lamar.

Chaney explained, “I do paperwork in my office and that’s out it. I’d rather be on the street enforcing traffic laws and helping my guys.”

Chaney plans to ask the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office to expand the department’s coverage area.

“We’re working on a lot of programs as far as extended our jurisdiction for the town of Lamar to cover parts of the interstate in hopes of getting a drug interdiction program,” he said.

By extending just 3 miles out of the town limits, the police department will cover a section of the interstate. He hopes this will cut down on drug trafficking on Interstate 20.

“There is tons of money and drugs being filtered through our interstate system,” Chaney said.

If the expansion is approved by the Sheriff’s Office Chaney plans to have his officers trained to spot drug smugglers on the interstate.

“Doing the interdiction program, we’re trying to stop the movement of drugs to get to the hub,” he said. “For local dealers to go get their product and bring them back to the community.”

Chief Chaney says expanding the coverage area 3 miles will also give officers control over the Cambridge apartments which is a problem area, less than one mile out of the town limits.

“Lamar is a small town but majority of our complaints come from that area,” he said. “All of the assaults, fighting, any calls of a violent nature come from that area.”

When people call 911 from the area Darlington County Sheriff’s deputies are dispatched.

“It’s just a way to help them out and not tie up deputies to an area that is right within our reach.”

Chief Chaney says he just submitted his expansion proposal today. The Darlington County Sheriff’s Office says once they have a chance to review the paperwork negotiations will begin.