New resources will be offered in FSD1 for students with autism


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Florence school district one partnered up with All 4 Autism to offer a resource program to help fill the void for children with autism.

“I’m ecstatic that this awareness is being brought to our city because it is very much needed. We invite anything in regards to autism to the city that can benefit us, not only the higher function but the lower functioning children, such as our children,” said mother, Brandi Bess.

The ASD resource support program is designed for students that need support for functioning, social skills, and transition. Many parents are excited, but believe more resources should be offered for their children.

“Our kids specifically are considered the lower function and they deserve just as much as any child does, bringing programs to help them as well is something that needs to happen,” said mother, Megan Caine.

Certain requirements need to be met in order to apply for the ASD program.

“I would absolutely invite any program that would actually help our children with lower functioning and do simple things, activities on daily living that they’re not capable of doing at this point,” said Bess.

The program will only be available at Sneed Middle and West Florence High school.

“It should be a district wide program,” said Bess.

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