WAXHAW, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- A horse is recovering after suffering serious injuries when it was attacked by a dog at a park in Waxhaw. A woman was also hurt during the incident.

It wasn’t something anyone wanted to see on a beautiful Saturday afternoon out in the park. Video showed the vicious attack on the horse, named Queen Charlotte, as people tried to control the dog.

The 14-year-old horse is expected to recover. The owner tells FOX 46 that Queen Charlotte is one of the best horses he has and this was their first time out this season.

“She is outstanding. She is an exceptional, big and strong and loyal horse,” Bridger Medlin said.

She uses her people skills to take people like you and me on beautiful carriage rides through parks.

“We’ve been doing that for 20 years. Never had an incident in 20 years.”

Medlin said it was a shocking experience as they were just out for their first ride in months.

“It was our first day at Cane Creek Park for this season.”  

When the unexpected happened.

“There was a dog that had gotten off of a leash. Well, actually away from the handler and the owner, and started charging towards the carriage which had a family that had kids on there,” Medlin said. “It attacked the horse.”

The video shows the dog repeatedly going after Queen Charlotte, despite being pulled, pushed and even kicked away.

“There was probably 180 to 200 feet from where the attack began to where the video actually showed the entire attack finishing up.”

Medlin said Queen Charlotte couldn’t do much but try to defend herself.

“A horse, their instinct is to fight or flight that’s their tendencies.”

Charlotte was bitten more than 15 times and Medlin says she acted with extreme poise during the attack.

“That’s the one that went all the way through.”

To help the horse’s wounds heal, Medlin applies a prescribed ointment. He says it’ll be a few months before she goes back to work.

“She will let me know. A horse will talk to you if you’re willing to listen,” Medlin said. “When she and I go and spend our one-on-one times, months down the road, then if she likes it, then I’ll let her do it. If she shows me she doesn’t, then she spend the rest of her years here in this stall, eating me out of house and home.”

Medlin is crediting Charlotte’s driver Amanda who jumped down off the carriage and tried to help. He says he knows that’s a good reason why Charlotte reacted the way she did.