North Carolina neighbors report ‘mystery woman’ stealing packages


HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- A North Carolina family is turning to the community after a woman was seen stealing a package from their home.

Estefania Rauseo says her family was not home Thursday, April 22, when a woman posed as the owner of their home and stole their FedEx package.

“It said that it had been delivered at the front door,” Rauseo started to explain, “and when we got home, we didn’t see the package.”

She said they then looked at surveillance video from in front of the home. Around the 2:30 p.m. mark is when they noticed a FedEx truck pull up, with a blue or gray Honda tailing behind.

That’s when the woman in the Honda pulled into the Rauseo’s driveway, as if she lived there, waited for the delivery driver to hand her the package, and then drove off from the home.

Rauseo said, “At first we thought, was this planned or something? But then we started looking at the video and we saw the lady. She passed by the house a few times before she parked into the house.”

Rauseo’s husband had been waiting on the package, as it contained his new work computer.

The family reported the theft to Huntersville Police, FedEx, and the computer company. They’re now waiting on the next steps for a replacement or refund.

“You work for your things. You work for your kids to know that things have a value,” Rauseo explained. “It’s very sad for her because we’re just going to process the police report, we’ll get a refund, but this lady, we don’t know how many other things she’s stealing out there.”

Huntersville Police are investigating the incident and say the woman could face Fraud and/or Larceny charges.

Anyone with information on this case should call Huntersville Police Department.

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