North Carolina woman claims she was kicked out of wine bar for being a Trump supporter


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- A woman who says she supports President Trump tells sister station FOX 46 that she was kicked out of a wine bar because of her support.

She says an event for Republican women at the Wine Loft turned ugly when she was kicked out for her American flag attire. The ordeal has become a he-said-she-said situation, leading to lost business and protests.

On Wednesday, several people were calling for the Wine Loft on South Boulevard to close its doors after the woman claimed she was kicked out on Veterans Day for wearing patriotic clothing and carrying a pro-Trump flag.

“He said to get that flag out of his restaurant. He escorted me out like I was a criminal,” Belinda told FOX 46.

The owners say she wasn’t ordered to leave, but her friend was for being disruptive.

“They paraded the flag which was a Trump 2020 re-election flag and were chanting ‘four more years.’ That was a little disruptive because the other people that were here got up and left. They did not want to hear that,” said the owner of the Wine Loft, Sean Keyser.

This video shows Belinda walking through the restaurant with her flag.

“Our team members were all back here basically in shock that this was even happening and at the language that was being hurled at them. And I said, very forcibly, ‘get out now before we call the police,’” Sean said.

However, she and her friend Sonia deny this was reason and believe it was because she’s a black woman supporting Trump.

“It’s the most discriminatory racist thing you can do to her. You’re embarrassing her. You’re singling her out and that’s’ not right.”

The owners stand by their decision saying it wasn’t based on race, gender or patriotism.

The event was hosted by the Uptown Charlotte Republican Women’s Association. FOX 46 reached out to them regarding this incident and they declined to comment, only saying the women are not a part of their club.


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