NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — After a sizable donation allowed Kind Keeper no-kill animal shelter to purchase land for a new building, staff there is working to raise the $3 million needed for construction.

Kind Keeper was founded in 2015 and takes in animals from nearby shelters, stray animals, and owner surrender pets.

“We do take in a lot of sick animals, animals that need expensive surgeries, dental care, vision care, broken legs, broken anything really,” said Jessica McAteer, the events coordinator for the shelter. “We do heartworm treatments on a lot of dogs. That’s very costly and a lot of other shelters don’t do heartworm treatments. We also take in a lot of animals that are at risk for euthanasia. We actually have a couple here right now with mange and they were like well, we can’t do anything, so we took them all in.”

McAteer says the organization is outgrowing the deteriorating shelter.

“It is very cramped, and it is constantly breaking,” she said. “Steps are breaking, kennels are breaking. There is just not enough space for all these animals, we often have to end up stacking crates. We have an isolation room for sick animals, but sometimes we have to take healthy animals there because there is nowhere else to put them.”

After someone left a “generous” donation to the shelter in their will, Kind Keeper purchased 10 acres of land to build a new state-of-the-art facility about 15 minutes from the existing shelter.

The new building would allow them to take in double the number of animals and build a low-cost vet clinic, where they hope to help people in the community keep their pets medical care up to date.

“Our biggest thing is low-cost spay and neuter,” McAteer said. “That will not only help people afford spay and neuter, but that will prevent all these animals from reproducing and that is how you get all these strays.”

McAteer said they also hope to offer heartworm treatment and fill a need they see in our area.

“We also want to do 24-hour service. Right now, even when our animals get sick or they get hurt in the middle of the night, it’s about over an hour drive for us to find a clinic that is open late nights for emergency visits”

Donations to the shelter can be made on the Kind Keeper website.