North Village community seeks help from county council on drainage issues


CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Tuesday night, about fifty people from the North Village community of Little River were at the Horry County Council meeting to voice their concerns about new developments bringing possible flooding problems to their community.

News13 told you about this problem last week when we visited that community and told you people who live there were worried the new developers had plans to tear through their streets and yards to put down new drainage pipes and dump more storm drainage water into their retention ponds that already have problems with.

In Tuesday night’s meeting, council member Harold Worley asked how something like this could even happen and requested answers from the county’s engineering staff.

Dell Currence, the woman we first spoke with last week told council about the problems they’re facing already and says she feels like council will help stop the developer’s plans.

“I was very, very pleased that councilman Worley took our side and thought that it was inhumane for them to bombard us with no notification, no posting, nothing,” said Dell Currence, a North Village homeowner.

Council chairman Mark Lazarus asked the county’s engineer to come to them with maps to see what’s happening with drainage in the area and a plan to give to people who live there by the next meeting.

“Something was brought up by engineering or by our storm water that was unknown by all of us until tonight and that is that one of the developers is possibly filling their lots higher than what was on the plans and if that’s the case, then we’ve got some other issues that we need to look at,” said Mark Lazarus, Horry County council chair

Lazarus says they plan to look at drainage throughout the whole neighborhood and help get answers to people who live there as soon as possible.

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