Open-carry law has NOT been changed: Florence County Sheriff’s Office sends reminder after increase in cases


FLORENCE CO, S.C. (WBTW) – The sheriff’s office is reminding people about the state’s open-carry law after deputies find a growing number of people carrying a handgun.

Don’t do it, is the simple message.

An increasing number of people are openly carrying a handgun under the mistaken belief that the law has been changed to allow them, said Major Michael Nunn.  The state legislature is currently debating changes in the way handguns are carried.  Specifically, legislation under consideration would allow for the open carry of handguns in certain locations either with or without a concealed weapons permit.

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“Regardless, until or unless there is a change in the law, there is no open carry in SC, subject to a few exceptions,” said Nunn.  The owner or person in control of real property can carry a handgun openly on the premises and authorize persons thereon to do so as well. 

In addition, the owner of a fixed place of business may also carry open in the business and authorize employees to do so.

Finally, a licensed hunter or fisherman going directly to or from hunting or fishing can carry open also.

Absent one of the above-described exceptions, the open carrying of handguns is currently prohibited in South Carolina.  “We want you to be aware of the law and what is allowed,” Nunn added.

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