MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Palace Theatre in Myrtle Beach will be torn down, according to Myrtle Beach spokesperson Mark Kruea.

Kruea confirms representatives for Chapin Co., the registered owners of the Palace Theatre, informed the city the building will be demolished.

The Palace Theatre was one of the many buildings damaged by Hurricane Matthew, but it’s now an eyesore to the City of Myrtle Beach. Court documents reveal that Myrtle Beach conducted an on-site inspection of the Palace Theatre Jan. 10, and the building is not up to code.

The city requested the owners of the property to either get the building in line with city codes, or tear it down. Myrtle Beach Chief Building Official Bruce Boulineau says lawyers for Chapin Co. requested a 60 day extension on the hearing that would be the deciding factor on the Myrtle Beach attraction.

On Tuesday, Kruea said the building will be torn down, but because the demolition hasn’t been permitted yet, an exact timeline of when construction will begin isn’t available.

One of the first steps needed before tearing down the building is an asbestos survey with the Department of Health and Environmental Control. Myrtle Beach officials say a meeting in mid-May will get the process started moving closer to a demolition date.

“A building official hearing on May the 17th, with construction services,” says Myrtle Beach Director of Construction Services Brice Boulineau. “At that time we hope they’ll have a contract in hand, the demolition crew, and asbestos crew. And we’ll go from that point.”

The city will have to wait on the results of the asbestos assessment to get a more clear starting date for tearing down the Palace Theatre.