A group of women help non-profit organizations in the Pee Dee

Pee Dee

The Junior League of Florence gathered at West Florence baptist church to show support for other non-profit organizations in the area. 

“24 provisional members who raised $2,500 got it together and decided they wanted to do this as their project for the junior league of Florence,” said member, Nicole Echols. 

Dozens of women dedicated to making a difference in the community through action and leadership.

“Everyone in the league kinda participated. All the junior leaguers of Florence along with the provisionals, they worked hard to make sure they raised the money to be able to do this build today,” said Echols. 

Saturday morning, the women partnered up with the organization, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, to sand, drill, and put bunk beds for children in Florence County. 

“I know everytime I tuck my daughter into bed. I think about people who don’t have the opportunity to get into a warm bed and feel safe,” said Echols. 

Now, they’re creating opportunities for a child to have a warm place to sleep each night. 

“There’s a lot of children sleeping on the flood and the provisional and the junior league of Florence really saw that as something they don’t want. They all have children and know what it’s like to tuck their child into bed and to know that there’s a child sleeping on the floor and we could so something about that was what really sparked us wanting to do this,” said Echols. 

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