A man with autism in Hartsville starts business to attend rock concert

Pee Dee

21-year-old Tyler Belville decided to start a small business to be able to buy concert tickets and watch his favorite band play. 

It started with a simple conversation at the Wild Child Children’s boutique, that led to over 300 shares on Facebook and hundreds of orders, so Tyler can attend the concert. 

“Every day he comes to work and he strings beads all day long, everyday,” said mother Nikki Belville. 

Tyler opened up his own beads stand inside his mom’s store, hoping for a one thing. 

“I’m just trying to make a lot of money to go to the concert, that’s all. I really want to go for Steven Tyler,” said Tyler. 

Thanks to a customer that was inspired by his story, his wish is on the way to come true. 

“I asked what he was doing and he said, these are my austism beads. That’s when his mother explained to me he makes these and sells them for a dollar each. Tyler has done that because he’s never been to a concert and wants to make a Kiss concert and he’s trying to earn enough money,’ said customer Joseph Hatchell. 

Thursday night, Joseph decided to share Tyler’s story on Facebook, and it quickly went viral. 

“A young lady contacted me and said she had copied the post and she’s putting it on the Kiss fan page, which is worldwide. She hopes she can get all of them to start ordering the bracelets and necklaces from him,” said Hatchell. 

Friday morning, Tyler’s mom walked into her store, not knowing what would happen next.

“All of sudden, he’s gotten over 500 requests for beads and selling them a dollar a piece. I know he doesn’t understand really what that means, but for me it means we’ll be making a lot of beads,” said Belville. 

So far, Tyler has received two tickets to a Kiss concert in Charleston and in Greenville. If you would like to help Tyler, you can call Wild Child boutique at (843) 697-7443 or click here.

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