FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — One pharmacy in Florence is seeing a large amount of people getting tested for COVID-19 as a demand for at-home test kits has led to a shortage.

Jarrod Tippins opened The Pharmacy in November 2016 and has been a pharmacist for 11 years. He said the amount of patients getting tested for COVID-19 keeps them busy from the time it opens to the time it closes.

“So we are testing over hundreds of people a day here,” Tippins said.

The Pharmacy opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. Tippins said it’s nonstop all day.

It’s always been Tippins’ goal to help people in his community — a community that is now in need more than ever. He said the demand for at-home testing kits ranged from 50-100 daily since Christmas, leaving them with a shortage. Now, patients can come and get a rapid test where they can get their results in 15 minutes.

“Basically in the last week we have seen a spike in cases, positive cases,” Tippins said. “So, typically we’re seeing over 40% each day.”

Tippins and his staff are taking other steps to make sure they meet the demand for patients and their COVID-19-related needs.

“We’ve collaborated with McLeod here locally and MUSC to be able to get people the monoclonal antibody infusion,” Tippins said. “It’s been a great thing to be able to be instrumental and have continuity care for the patients that we take care of.”

DHEC reminded anyone getting tested for COVID-19 that getting results can take up to 72 hours.