Baby grand piano donated to MUSC Health Florence

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FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — If you ever find yourself in the lobby of MUSC Health Florence, you may be used to enjoying the music there.

It’s now going to come from a newly donated piano.

Muriel Gainer volunteers to play a few times a week.

But when the old piano was on its last leg, Roger Malfatti of Florence stepped up.

He’s been a big supporter of the arts for years. He was once the manager of the Florence Symphony Orchestra.

And now, he’s donated his baby grand that was in storage to the hospital.

“Everybody feels something different when they hear music,” Malfatti said. “But the fact is they do feel something. And in most cases it’s good.”

Staff seemed to appreciate the music filling the lobby.

“Whatever ways we can find to touch patients, visitors, care team members, I think it’s great,” Chief Medical Officer of MUSC Health Florence and Marion Dr. Rami Zebian said. “Music can be therapy and I try to run away… whenever I have time to go and listen to music. I think it’s very touching.”

MUSC Health says several studies have pointed to music’s ability to help aide in the healing process.

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