Bus driver accused in therapy dog’s death no longer with Florence 1 Schools

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FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – A school bus driver accused of dropping a dog off along a busy highway instead of at the owner’s home, eventually leading to the dog’s death, no longer works with Florence 1 Schools.

Pam Little-McDaniel told News13 on Thursday that the bus driver is “no longer employed” with the school district. The district did not say whether the driver was fired or resigned.

The bus driver, who wishes to stay anonymous, told News13 she feels very bad about her decision now:

“It’s too late to bring back that family’s dog,” she responded. “I do have a lot of remorse and I can understand how that family feels.”

She also posted the following statement on Facebook:

“I have some bad news to share with you. I have lost my job at Florence One Schools. I made a bad mistake just before Christmas break. You may have seen it on the news or on Facebook. I picked up a little 6-year-old girl and her little dog followed her on the bus. It was dark and I didn’t see it come on with her. I got to the next stop and when I found out the dog was on the bus, my immediate reaction was that I needed to get it off the bus. I thought that it would find it’s way home, but it did not make it. I have now since regretted this choice very much so and have been very upset with myself about it. I never intended any harm to come to the dog. I love all living things! Every time I think about it, I start crying. I am very upset with myself and my decision. I was officially fired yesterday.”

The dog’s owner, Stan Alexander, said he was devastated after losing his therapy dog that he had for more than three years.

Alexander said the dog, ‘Dodger’, followed his granddaughter to the bus stop, which was right outside the home on Moore Road in Florence County. Then, the dog apparently followed the girl onto the bus.

Alexander’s family says the girl told the driver that the dog was inside the bus and asked if she could let him back out near the home, but the Alexander family told News13 the driver dropped him off on a busy highway about a mile from the home.

The dog was later found dead and now the family is considering legal action against the driver.

“I think she should be punished because he’s never coming back and that was my heart and soul,” said dog owner, Stan Alexander.

Recently, the school district released a statement about the incident. You can read that here.


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