Campers spend Memorial Day weekend at Little Pee Dee State Park

Pee Dee

DILLON COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) – While many people honor fallen service members on Memorial Day, some in the Pee Dee used the long weekend to kick back on a camping trip. Campers at Little Pee Dee State Park in Dillon County said they were glad to get away from it all.

“This is a quiet, wonderful place to go with the kids,” Michelle Gasque said, “Job’s not calling, people aren’t calling aggravating you.”

“Especially because you don’t have this cell phone service,” Carlis Gasque added.

Park Ranger Charlie Johanson said it’s been a busy year at the park because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Since February we’ve been booked completely full, it’s just this weekend everyone’s registered well in advance,” Johanson said, “For a holiday, you usually have to register at least a month out.” He said people come to the park from all over, whether it’s to stay for the whole weekend or just to pass through.

“You get a few people traveling from up North or down South, this is a good midway point. We get people from Canada, New York.”

Another camper said it’s just been nice “hanging out.”

“We went fishing for a little while and didn’t really catch anything, and then we’ve mostly just been chilling out, hanging out,” Susannah Lewis said. She said she’s been pleased with the activities available at the park, like canoeing and kayaking, but hopes the weather warms up soon.

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