City of Florence amends mask ordinance after McMaster’s executive order

Pee Dee

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — The City of Florence has amended its mask ordinance after Governor Henry McMaster issued an executive order Tuesday restricting local mask mandates.

City council voted 4-3 to approve what they called Option A, which requires people to wear masks in city buildings and encourages people to wear masks in businesses and restaurants. Option B would’ve been only to encourage masks in both scenarios.

Those who don’t wear a mask in a city building can be fined $25 for each violation. Every day of a continuing violation will count as a separate offense.

Chaquez McCall, an at-large councilman, said he wants to follow science and not political convenience. George Jebailey said Option B would create less confusion and still strongly encourage people wear masks.

The changes to the mask ordinance go into effect immediately.

McMaster’s Executive Order 2021-23 states counties or local governments can’t rely on previous orders or a state of emergency as the basis for a mask mandate and all state agencies, local governments, and political subdivisions are banned from requiring “vaccine passports” for any reason.

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