City of Florence looks to minimize stormwater issues

Pee Dee

Florence City council had a budget workshop back in April to discuss future planning on stormwater funding. 

City officials have a project in place but they’re trying to find new ways to minimize floods in neighborhoods. 

“We’ll be doing another round of capital projects to help alleviate stormwater impacts,” said utilities director for the city of Florence, Michael Hemingway. 

People around the area experienced several inches of water in their front yard when Hurricane Florence hit in 2018. Since then, board members discussed potential projects that can improve the problem. 

“Looking at elevation, increasing the size of the drainage system that’s currently in place and making sure the drainage system is discharging to the creek,” said Hemingway. 

The current project cost roughly $4million and it’s expected to be paid in full in 2021, but that number could go up depending on the future project. 

“We’re making a decision on whether we want to do another $4million or to either do six or seven and find a plan that would fit best,” said Hemingway. 

If the stormwater project is approved, residents would start seeing a change by 2022. 

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