IPlay and the City of Florence will team up with a non-profit organization to build an inclusive playground for children with disabilities. 

“It was the first time my daughter had ever played in a playground and she’s 18. It was the first time our girls have ever played together, and I have four girls,” said parent, Allison Moore.

A park intended to accommodate children of all abilities is expected to open at Timrod Park, thanks to an organization called Shane’s Inspiration. 

“Inclusion matters, and when people hear inclusive playgrounds some people think, well maybe that’s just for a certain person or for a person with disabilities, but this is the playground for a typical child to play side by side with a child that has disability,” said senior vice president for shane’s inspiration, Brad Thornton. 

The organization has built more than 60 playgrounds around the world. They’re working to feature all inclusive slides and swings that will allow children to come together. 

“We would like to see children learn how to interact with each other,” said board member for IPlay, Tracy Coward. 

“It allows children from all walks of life to come and interact, play together and it’s just been a blessing,” said public works director for the City of Florence, Chuck Pope.  

IPlay wants to raise approximately $1,000,000 to complete this project.