State Farm and Canary honored first responders in Darlington County for their work during Hurricane Florence by donating nearly 180 home security devices. 

One recipient said thanks to this device, he was able to stop an intruder from entering his home. 

“I have two German Shepherds at home, so I never thought about surveillance cameras or anything like that,” said Travis Amerson, Darlington County firefighter. 

Just a week after installing the security device, Amerson received a notification on his phone as a burglar tried to come in through the back door, and it was all caught on camera. 

“I worked 24 hours then worked 12 hours with EMS. I got home around 9 p.m and then took a shower,” said Amerson. 

Amerson heard his dogs bark, and then his new security system alerted him. Right away, he knew something wasn’t right. 

“It was shocking, very shocking. It scared my wife and my little girls. I acutally came out the house with my gun and held him at gunpoint until the Sheriff’s department can get to my house,” said Amerson. 

12 minutes later, Darlington County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the intruder. Amerson has one tip for homeowners. 

“Just grateful Statefarm and Canary donated to the protective program. It was a big help. I recomment anybody that has them to use it because they’re very helpful,” said Amerson. 

Amerson said he’s fortunate nothing happened to him and his family.