Darlington County Humane Society plans for larger facility

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DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – The Darlington County Animal Shelter hosted a fundraising event for a new shelter on Saturday.

Members of the community gathered at South of Pearl in Darlington County to support the building of a new shelter.

“The event is to introduce to the community our campaign to build a new animal shelter for the Darlington County Humane Society,” explains Kathy McDonald, the humane society’s treasurer.

Shelter officials say they no longer have the space or equipment to house and keep up with the demand from animals taken into the current facility.

Darlington County Humane Society Vice President Jeannie Gainey says when the shelter originated more than 20 years ago, they couldn’t house a majority of the animals.

“We were putting down 90 percent of the animals that came into the shelter because we didn’t have a place for them to go,” said Gainey. “We didn’t have a facility to hold that many animals.”

Two decades later and the euthanasia rate is down to 23 percent but shelter managers say they still need a larger facility to help offer a temporary home to the stray animals.

A donation of $250,000 was recently gifted to the shelter project, but the donor wants to remain anonymous. The shelter is referring to this person as “Secret Santa.”

“We are thrilled!” said Gainey. “I’m excited that someone is willing to come help us to get a new facility.”

Saturday’s event was put on in hopes of raising the rest of the money needed to open a new place. McDonald says they appreciate every person who is willing to contribute.

“Five (dollars) or $10, it doesn’t matter because we appreciate any amount, and all of our amounts add up,” explains McDonald.

With Sunday’s fundraiser and the donation from “Secret Santa,” the humane society is hoping to have a new shelter built for Darlington County in the near future.

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