DARLINGTON COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Mysteries around the death of a beloved pet dog in Darlington County continue to unravel, and have led to the firing of an animal control officer and outrage from the family the dog was a part of.

According to the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office, the English bulldog got out of its backyard and was shot by a neighbor. News13 tried to speak to the neighbor, but got no answer — though his cars were parked outside and dogs could be heard running around inside.

Caroline Perry, the dog’s owner, said she had tried to talk to him multiple times with similar results.

“Trying to figure out what happened,” Perry said. “Why did this happen? Why did you shoot the dog?”

After meeting with representatives from the sheriff’s office and animal control, she said some of her questions were answered, but not all of them.

“They said they had some news for us,” Perry said. “They knew who shot George. It was the neighbor, they said he feared for his life. George was short, fat and kind of lazy. He wasn’t aggressive at all.”

According to the sheriff’s office, the neighbor can’t be charged at this time.

The sheriff’s office said the animal control officer who responded has been fired because he “improperly disposed” of the body at a trash pile on a dirt road in a nearby part of Chesterfield County.

“They said the animal control officer shouldn’t have taken the animal, that the neighbor or owner should have taken possession of that animal,” Perry said.

She said she is frustrated by the officer’s conduct, the neighbor’s conduct and the fact that it took weeks to find out the facts.

“It just doesn’t sit right with me, the way it was handled because they waited so long to tell us and wouldn’t give us the body cam footage,” Perry said. “It took them three weeks to get us a copy of the sheriff’s office’s report where they initially came out to this person’s house. We just want to know exactly what happened to our dog and we just don’t understand how a neighbor, who lives right next door, could shoot animals that were obviously somebody’s pet.”

News13 reached out to the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office for information on why the officer dumped the body and is awaiting a response.