Family members of CresCom bank murder victim speak at penalty phase of trial

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FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Family members of a CresCom bank murder victim spoke Wednesday during the penalty phase of Brandon Council’s trial.

Katie Skeen’s husband, Tracey Skeen, and mother, Betty Davis, were the first to provide testimony Wednesday.

Donna Major (left) and Katie Skeen (right)

Tracey Skeen spoke about how he met Katie, and the day he found out Katie was killed.

“She was full of life and made you keep a smile on your face at all times,” Tracey said when asked about his wife’s personality.

He said she kept their home clean, managed the bills, cooked and took great care of their two boys.

“I’ve tried for two years, and I still can’t do what Katie was able to do,” he said.

Prosecutors also showed photos of Tracey and Katie’s wedding day and of Katie with their two children.

When Katie’s oldest son found out about her death he went to Instagram to describe his feelings, saying “you never realize what coming home and being with your mom is really like, until you no longer can.”

Davis took the stand after Tracey and described Katie as being a “daddy’s girl.” She said Katie’s death has left a void in their family.

“There’s a missing piece and you talk around it and try not to bring it up. Even at my Christmas dinners, there’s those signs and you kind of tip toe around it,” Davis said.

Davis said there’s one thing she wish she would’ve told her daughter before she died.

“I told her everyday I loved her, but I never got to tell her how proud I was of her,” Davis said.

Laura Davis also took the stand Wednesday. She described getting close to Katie after her own son Miles Davis died in 2016 from a gun accident.

According to Davis, Katie helped put together a foundation in his honor called “Miles for Miles” within a month of his passing.

“She created not only the foundation, but an annual scholarship in his memory,” Davis said.

Donna Major was also killed in the bank robbery in Conway in 2017. Prosecutors will also present victim impact testimonies from her family members and friends.

The prosecution’s final testimonies on Wednesday dealt with Council’s robberies in North Carolina.

An employee from the Food Lion in Raleigh talked about how he stole $345.56 from the store. The teller from the BB&T in Wilson also gave testimony, and said Council robbed $2,676 by using a note.

Council handed the woman the note which said, “This is a robbery give me the money with no security devices, or I will hurt you.”

Prosecutors showed jurors surveillance footage from both crimes.

Court will continue Thursday. Count on News13 to bring you all updates.

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