Florence artist hopes to fix vandalized George Floyd mural into something ‘bigger and better’

Pee Dee

FLORENCE AREA, SC (WBTW) — A Florence artist is speaking out after his George Floyd mural was defaced with white paint.

He said he got the call Sunday morning that someone had vandalized his work.

“My heart dropped to my stomach,” Narzhio Stuckey said. “At first it was a lot of anger.”

Splotches of white paint cover much of the painting now. Stuckey said he has no idea who did it, and isn’t certain of a motive.

“It could have been a form of racism,” he said. “No matter how you look at it, it was done out of hatred. It was done out of hatred. There’s no other way to put it. Jealousy. Envious.”

The mural is on the side of an old motel site along East Palmetto Street just outside the city of Florence. Stuckey spent hours painting the mural a few months back.

“It was done at the right moment because of everything that was going on at that time,” he said.

Stuckey says his anger has turned calm. He now hopes to fix the mural into something bigger and better with the help of other local artists.

He said he has not filed a police report, explaining he would leave that up to the owner of the site.

He did though have a message for the vandals.

“A coward always throws rocks but hides their hands,” he said. “They’re not man or woman enough to let their hatred be seen and known. Be a man or be a woman about it, whoever did it, show your face. Don’t hide.”

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