FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — The first-ever “Buc-ee’s 200 at Florence Motor Speedway on Sunday sent drivers from the track to the recently opened travel center.”

“So we hold drift competitions at Florence Motor Speedway,” said Joseph Gorcesky, the CEO of Catch My Drift and the race organizer. “Then Buc-ee’s opened, and everyone wanted to go.”

Drivers spent the day drifting the track, then took a quick break to caravan up Interstate 95 to the new Buc-ee’s travel center. First place won a stuffed beaver and more.

“So, today is the Buc-ee’s 200,” Gorcesky said. “Normally that means 200 miles or 200 laps — that’s $200 you can win when we do a Top 8 competition. So the winner is going to get $200 cash and our little beaver!”

Gorcesky said the races aren’t timed. Instead, they’re more about drifting and tightly cutting turns.

“It’s not a timed race like typical races with race cars,” he said. “It’s actually a judged competition with style. We want the cars to go as fast and sideways as possible.”

Sometimes the drivers drifted a little too hard and screeched to a halt on the track.

“I’ve been drifting for a little over 10 years,” driver Ben Thrailkilll said. “It’s kind of unexplainable. Sort of like a rollercoaster, except we’re not on rails. “It’s all in my hands.”

After eating some barbeque and taking a picture with the bronze beaver statue inspired by the Buc-ee’s mascot, the racers headed back to the track to burn more rubber, whether they had a shot at the top prize or something smaller.

“Second and third, I’m just giving them some beaver nuggets,” Gorcesky said. “It’s more of a fun competition for us today.”