FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Students returned to Francis Marion University this weekend ahead of the new school year as car after car pulled up to drop off students and their belongings.

“I’m sweating,” McKenzie McCrorey said. “We’ve been gathering up all my stuff, and I feel like I’m moving a house.”

McCrorey, a junior, said it was hard to get out of the summer mindset and gather up her things to hit the road.

“My freshman year I was excited to go, so I had everything packed up weeks in advance,” she said. “This time, I just started packing yesterday.”

Aided by family members of all ages, students hauled loads of clothes, furniture and more into their homes for the next year. But the hassle of moving is worth it for the thrill of a new year on campus.

“It was a fun summer, but it will be less quiet here so I’m happy about that,” Arial Townsend said.

Beyounce Cooper agreed.

“I get to see my friends, join organizations and stuff, so I’m excited,” she said.

Roommates Cortney Denoux and Haley Sink said they were able to get moved in early and weren’t jealous of the students who had to unpack with only days left until classes begin.

“When we got here, everybody’s head was everywhere,” Denoux said.

“It was total chaos,” Sink said. “It was like us fighting over whether the carpet was centered or not.”

Between the two of them, it took four carloads of furniture and other times to get their on-campus apartment ready for the semester.

Now, though, they said they are ready to learn and excited to play on the soccer team.

“I am obviously looking forward to the soccer season,” Sink said. “Go Pats, swamp them for life!”