FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Law enforcement officers in Florence County are the first in South Carolina to use new Tasers and body cameras.

The sheriff’s office held a training exercise on Wednesday, with deputies attending the mandatory eight-hour session to learn how to use the new equipment. Some are already using them in the field.

The Taser 10 has a green-dot laser and sight posts that make it very accurate. It can also shoot up to 40 feet, stopping a person using neuromuscular interruption.

“It simply creates an electrical charge that temporarily immobilizes an individual,” Major Mike Nunn said. “Hopefully, within such a period of time, the deputies can get control of the individual and take them safely into custody.”

The sheriff’s office said the new guns and cameras cost about $3 million. Each one cost about $1,200.

The Taser guns are much quieter than previous versions. Nunn said that helps prevent deputies from confusing Taser shots with real gunshots. The Tasers also help keep suspects safe.

“There’s no injury to the individual other than the two minor prong injuries,” Nunn said. “We know how to treat those afterward.”

The Tasers also take the safety of deputies and suspects a step further, as the new body cameras activate as soon as any deputy pulls out their Taser.

“It’s going to immediately active any deputy’s body camera that is in that proximity,” Nunn said. “So, we’ll have a clear picture of what went on during that time.”

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