FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Funeral arrangements have been announced for a paramedic that was killed Tuesday after a 71-year-old woman drove through a crash scene and hit her along with at least three other people.

The visitation for Sara Weaver will be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday at Carolina Funeral Home at 215 East Highway 378 Bypass in Scranton, according to Florence County Emergency Medical Services.

A funeral will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday at Lake City Pentecostal Holiness Church at 608 S. Ron McNair Blvd. in Lake City.

A procession of emergency vehicles will travel from the funeral home to the church beginning at 2:30 p.m., according to Florence County EMS.

Dashcam footage that was shown to News13 on Thursday shows a car swerve between two first responder vehicles and hit Weaver and the injured motorcyclist she was treating, Cedric Gregg. Gregg is run over, while Weaver is thrown in the air and under another vehicle. The car turns through the shot, hitting two officers before leaving the frame.

Joye said the vehicle came to a stop shortly after when it hit another car.

The video will be made available to the public after the family views it.

71-year-old Jacqueline Williams from Darlington, drove into the wrong lanes to avoid traffic backed up near the scene.

“Weaver was out there doing her job, saving lives and she gets killed and for what?” Joye said. “Just because you wanted to go around a traffic scene?”

Joye said Williams has no medical issues that would have caused her to do this and she will be charged as the investigation proceeds. He met with her and the solicitor to get a statement Thursday.

He said charges may be filed as early as next week.

“To say exactly what she will be charged with — right now we have several different options,” he said. “Justice will be done, I promise.”

Joye said investigators will view all the footage of the crash and have collected DNA evidence from vehicles and the massive crime scene.

“I have been at this over 35 years and we have never had footage that puts everything together like we have now,” he said. “Thank the lord for body cameras and in-car cameras.”

Joye said it was a miracle more people weren’t killed — citing part of the footage where Weaver’s partner can be seen climbing in the ambulance just seconds before the woman drove through the scene.

Officers with the South Carolina Highway Patrol and Florence Police Department were treated and released from the hospital, according to their respective agencies.

Joye said the crash that initially brought first responders to the area was caused when a car turned in front of two motorcyclists.

He said the motorcyclists were traveling at speeds above 100 mph and the driver of that car has not been charged.