Florence Flea Market reopens; family business back up and running

Pee Dee

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – The Florence Flea Market reopened for business since Governor McMaster gave the okay for certain nonessential businesses to open. Everyone was smiling happy knowing that business is back open and running. The flea market staff is making sure everyone is taking necessary safety precautions.

Katie Catoe and her sister Abby Catoe work on the family ran icecream and coffee truck. They say the family started Booga Bears last October and were sadden that their new business had to come to a hault.

“I really enjoy it because I also get to socialize with everyone. I haven’t seen people in I don’t know how long,” says Katie Catoe.

“When Covid hit it just shut everything down and then social distancing and we didn’t want to risk anybody else’s health,” says Abby Catoe.

Betsy Dunaway, Florence Flea Market manager, says she was heartbroken when they had to shutdown, but happy that people have their jobs back.

“I was really sad for the people that I knew that depended on this for their income but yet I didn’t want people to get sick so we had to do our part and we have done our part in social distancing,” says Dunaway.

“The flea market is the pulse of America. If you want to know how America is doing go out and talk to the vendors,” says Dunaway.

Staff members ask that if you do come out to the flea market that you stay protected by using hand sanitizer, wear masks and even gloves.


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