FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Two Florence police officers who didn’t shoot at a man fleeing from a traffic stop recently received training for “moving vehicles and deadly force” at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, training records show.

Constable Christopher Bachochin, who was riding along with Florence police, didn’t receive the same training at the Criminal Justice Academy, records show. A SLED spokesperson didn’t immediately respond when asked whether he received similar training somewhere else. The constable fired eight shots at the driver.

The constable claimed the man almost ran him over, body cam video showed. Police had pulled the man over for crossing the center line of the road. After the police officer repeatedly asked the man to get out of his vehicle, the man put his car in reverse and hit a police cruiser. The constable fired at him and the man drove away.

The man was released from the hospital Monday night.

Law enforcement officers in South Carolina are taught to avoid shooting into vehicles. After SLED noticed an increase of officers shooting into cars, the agency created a video to educate officers about tactical positioning. News13 reported about the new training in May 2017.

“The video does not instruct officers not to shoot if the vehicle is used as a weapon,” Florence McCants, the public information officer for the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy told News13. “What it does teach is how and not to place oneself in a disadvantageous position.”

According to training records for the two Florence police officers, one of the officers received “moving vehicles” training in November. The other officer received training in December.

Constables must complete “SLED-approved annual in-service training” each year. Constables get less than a fifth of the training that regular police officers get, the AP reported. SLED policies allow constables to train at technical colleges and the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. They can also receive training from certified law enforcement instructors and other approved providers.

Constables must give documentation of their training to SLED each year.

The Florence Police Department has put its constable program on hold since Saturday’s shooting.