Florence County school district three opened a second sensory-motor room for students with disabilities to destress and enjoy activities during school hours. 

The room is filled with equipment students can enjoy, such as a bounce ball, or a punching bag, and the space was also designated for teachers. 

Ronald E. McNair Jr. High school has added a new addtion into the school for all students to focus on their alert levels, help with student engagement, and academics. 

“We wanted to cater to their physical needs, and cognitive needs. It’s also very inclusive, not only for students with disabilities but all students,” said special education director, Cherlyly Hubbard-George.

The special education state department funded more than $8,000 for the sensory-motor room to fit specific needs for students.

“The goal is to number one, decrease discipline referrals and increase our achievement outcome for all students,” said Hubbard-George. 

Each section of the sensory-moto room is built differently for all students and teachers.