FLORENCE, S.C. — (WBTW) The City of Florence is working to improve fire hydrants in the area after a West Florence fire earlier this month left severe damage to a home and several vehicles.

Water and Sewer services received an order of 20 hydrants on Aug. 29.

The order was placed back in March 2022.

The community has raised some concerns after West Florence Fire-Rescue ran into two out-of-service hydrants while fighting a fire on Pine Needles Road.

With both hydrants out of service, the only water supply that was available was shuttling water.

There was a total of 14 apparatus and 40 firefighters. 30,000 gallons of water were pumped.

The City of Florence, Sardis-Timmonsville, Howe Springs and Darlington County crews all had to step in to assist.

Michael Hemingway, the City of Florence Utilities Director, says they are following up with all complaints and reports.

“We also got other orders of hydrants that have not yet received yet, so they’ll come in early next year. And then we’re expecting an order of one to come at the end of discount this year. So staff will be scheduling, repair and maintenance as we normally do on hydrants, um, within our distribution system,” Hemingway said.

Fire hydrants are tested by volunteer fire departments, usually with a rotation of once every three years, which is the standard with ISO rating.

National Fire Safety and Prevention Week is the second week of October.