FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW ) — A Florence family is searching for answers after reporting their daughter missing this week.

Ashlyn Adams Wyatt is believed to be in the Myrtle Beach area based on her last known phone call.

Shane Gibson said she last heard from her daughter nearly a month ago. She usually doesn’t go more than a few days without hearing from Wyatt and is especially worried because of her struggles with addictions.

“Having to file that police report — I’m not a crier, but when I had to file the police report, I lost it,” Gibson said. “I’m her mother, she’s my daughter. I’m worried that she could be hurt or worse.”

She said she decided to file the report after learning that none of Wyatt’s friends or other family members had heard from her, either.

“When you don’t hear from your child, no matter how old they are, for almost a month, all kinds of thoughts cross your mind,” Gibson said.

She took to Facebook, where posts about Wyatt have been shared hundreds of times.

She said she is thankful to her friends for helping to spread the word and knows many other families have faced similar struggles.

“I think every family has an addict that they are painfully watching circle the drain and nothing can be done about it,” Gibson said. “If you don’t have health insurance, you’re not homicidal or suicidal, no one cares.”

Gibson said the last month and especially the last few days have been difficult and she wants to move forward.

“I’m going to hug her and hopefully take her straight to somewhere she can get help,” she said.

If you see Wyatt, you’re asked to call the Florence County Sheriff’s Office at 843-665-2121 or the Gibson family’s tip line at 209-733-3685.