FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — The owner of the “On The Go” gas station, where a gunshot during a botched robbery attempt sent an employee to the hospital, said he is offering a $5,000 reward to help bring those involved to justice and bring peace of mind to his employees.

Johnny Rishmawi said he has about 60 employees across the “On The Go” location on Pamplico Highway and three other gas stations. Since the shooting, he’s been reminding his employees of security protocols.

He said his stores have security cameras and rarely have large amounts of cash.

“Two-thirds of our customers use credit or debit cards,” he said. “There is no money to be had. So if you are a criminal out there, it’s a pretty bad enterprise.”

Jamie Belin, general manager at Rishmawi’s other “On The Go” station on Alligator Road, said he is related to the victim and recommended he take the job. He was glad to see his employer put up the reward money.

“Vindicated, I guess, that they’re willing to go that mile to make sure whoever did this is brought to justice,” Belin said.

He said he has been robbed twice, but they have never escalated to violence. He’s urging overnight employees to stay on the lookout.

“Please keep your eyes open,” Belin said. “Every second, minute and hour of your shift, don’t put anything past anyone.”

Those with information can reach out to Cpl. Scott with the Florence Police Department at 843-665-3191 or tsscott@cityofflorence.com.

“Please, if you have any information, call the police. We urge you to do it,” Rishmawi said. “I’m sure it can be confidential and the police can track these people, catch them and hopefully bring them to justice.”

Rishmawi said the three would-be robbers ran after the shooting and didn’t get any money.

He said the victim was released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.