FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW)– Families from across the Pee Dee and beyond witnessed some destruction and monster truck action on Saturday at the Florence Center arena.

The parking lot was filled with multi-colored cars ready to get run over as Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live came to town.

“You sit there and see them crush the car, and to see their faces and how they enjoy it,” Roy Hancock said. “The trucks are loud, and the way they go over each other is really exciting for the kids.”

Hancock said he has loved monster trucks since he was a child, and now his son and nephew do as well. Many of the children who showed up for the event were looking forward to seeing their toys come to life.

“Hot Wheels is a big thing, especially for little boys,” Kelli Hancock said. “This will be good for them to see it in real life, then go home and play it on all their little tracks and things.”

Kaylen Snapp, senior sales manager for the Florence Center said several thousand people attended the event.

“You have younger kids walking around the concourse here with these little mini cars matching the trucks they are going to see compete,”

She said the turnout was larger than expected because Sunday’s show was canceled because of the severe weather forecast for the region.

“Hot Wheels went ahead and made the decision to cancel Sunday’s show,” Snapp said. “We can issue them a refund at the box office, or they can come out and enjoy the show today.”

Snapp said she was excited for people to see the event, which she said is a major production. She also hoped people driving by would not be worried by the loud noises.

“This is their first time in the area,” Snapp said. “They are bringing old trucks, new trucks and just destroying everything in their path.”