Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correctly attribute a quote to William Schofield.

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — Sundays may look a little different for businesses in the City of Florence and surrounding areas if voters pass a measure that would allow grocery and convenience stores to sell alcohol on Sundays.

With the upcoming November General Election on Tuesday, residents will now have the opportunity to vote for the sale of beer and wines in retails stores seven days a week.

“I see it as a good move for the City of Florence,” Councilman William Schofield said. “Our citizens are literally driving to Darlington and giving Darlington their tax dollars. I am pro-business and entrepreneurship, and anything we can do strengthen our local economy and businesses I am going to be for.”  

The referendum applies solely to the City of Florence businesses who already sell beer and wine six days a week.

City Councilwoman, Lethonia Barnes, said she remains neutral on the topic.

“I’m neutral,” Barnes said. “While I am a pastor, I also am a city council person. I see the economic growth from it. I see safety. Most of our citizens are going across to Hartsville and Darlington to purchase, so we are not stopping the sale of alcohol. We are actually making it safe.”

Officials say polling conducted in August 2021 found that a majority of South Carolinians from all political ideologies support allowing residents to decide on Sunday alcohol sales.

A server at Apple Annie’s Pub is excited to see the possible change.

“It’s 2022, let’s get on the same page,” Dargan Stone said. “Let’s be able to buy alcohol whenever we want. I mean, I feel like it would be safer. Just better for everyone, you know?”

The Florence City Council voted unanimously in March, approving the referendum to allow voters to decide. Election Day is Nov. 8.