TIMMONSVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) — Drivers at Florence Motor Speedway spent Saturday hunting for trophies instead of Easter eggs as the track held its “Easter Racing Eggstravanganza” in spite of rainy weather and an ongoing storage of racing tires.

Throughout the morning, trucks hauled a massive tire around the track in an effort to dry the asphalt and get the track ready for action.

“Last night, we went to bed and there was a 98% chance of hail and gusty winds,” promoter Steve Zacharias said. “Then, we woke up and it’s a 30% chance. But it’s changed, and now there’s rain. But I think we’re in the clear now.”

The morning rain meant the race schedule had to be adjusted, but Zacharias said he has learned to roll with the punches in his 11 years in the industry.

“You’ve got guys coming in from out of town, so you have to make the decision to pull the plug altogether or pull it off,” he said.

Racers like Jadan Bowling, who drove down from North Carolina to compete, said they weren’t going to let the rain stop them from getting on the track.

“I love it,” Bowling said. “It’s the adrenaline, the pressure, and, most importantly, the competition.”

Bowling was the North Carolina Young Lion dirt racing state champion in 2021. He said he is now focusing more on asphalt racing and is competing as a semi-pro for the first time. He said he couldn’t think of a better way to spend the holiday weekend than being surrounded by his family at the racetrack.

“Tomorrow we might go to church in the morning and do a couple of Easter things,” he said. “But Saturday is our time.”

Zacharias said about 60 racers showed up to compete, but getting them all outfitted was a struggle. He said he now has only two racing tires left because of an ongoing shortage that he first encountered last season.

“Hopefully, next year, I don’t think it will be this year, we will be better off and we won’t have to worry about it,” Zacharias said.

He said in the nearly two years since the business relocated to Timmonsville from Myrtle Beach, much of his effort has been spent renovating the track, which was built in the ’80s. Those renovations are almost finished now, and he is excited for racing fans to see the updated facilities.

“We want people to come enjoy Easter here, then enjoy actual Easter tomorrow,” he said.