FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — Saturday wasn’t your typical day on the links in Florence as snowballs replaced golf balls.

After a long day of winter weather on Friday, many Pee Dee residents woke up Saturday to snow on the ground, and some took advantage of the opportunity to have some wintry fun on the hills of the Florence Country Club.

“It was just a great snow, which is something we don’t get around here very often,” Heyward Hanna, who woke up early to go sledding with his friends said. “So when we do, we take advantage of it.”

Many of the sledders said they watched with bated breath as the snow moved in, hoping for conditions exactly like Saturday’s.

“I thought that we were not going to have snow, so this is pretty exciting,” Mary Tyller Rabon said.

“I didn’t think it was going to stick,” Chandler Hyman said.

Rabon and Hyman cruised their neighborhood in a golf cart looking for the best hills to try out, thankful that the snow accumulated.

“I woke up at eight this morning, got my stuff on — probably could have worn some better clothing, but that’s okay,” Andrew Love, who snowboarded on the golf course said. “Just came out here and grinded at it.”

Dozens lined up at the best hills on the course, ready to slide or roll their way to the bottom.

“If we get hurt, pain is only temporary,” Love said. “That’s my mindset out here”

“It’s cold, but it’s fun,” Hanna said of rolling down the snowy hills without a sled. “It can make you dizzy, depending on how you do it.”

Parents joined in on the action or looked on while sipping hot chocolate, or something stronger.

“Little mimosas, some baileys in the coffee, some cheese pizzas,” Jodee Etheridge said after watching her daughter sled. “Just taking the time to enjoy the snow day.”

Sledders told News13 that they frequently encountered snowmen and snowball fights while out on the course.