HARTSVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) — A Hartsville police officer was given four doses of Narcan on Saturday after coming into contact with fentanyl during an arrest, according to the police department.

Cpl. Marqus Personette and Sgt. Riley Free were in the process of arresting a suspect when they noticed a white powder in the car, according to police. The person in the car told police the substance was cocaine.

Free was attempting to put the powder into a package to be sent to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division for testing when the powder, which unknowingly contained fentanyl, came into contact with his skin, according to police.

Personette gave Free four doses of Narcan while waiting for an ambulance, according to police. Free was taken to a hospital for treatment and observation.

“It was through the quick actions of Corporal Personette that Sergeant Free survived and recovered so quickly,” the department said in a Facebook post. “The HPD and the entire city are very thankful for our partnership with the LEON Network that provides Narcan free of charge to our department and for the training we received in its use.”

The police department commended Personette for saving Free’s life.