HARTSVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) — Potentially 40 shots were fired early Tuesday morning during a shooting in Hartsville while police were discussing how to handle problem areas following two shootings only hours before, according to an incident report.

The incident happened about two hours after police responded to two different shooting scenes on Jasper and Marion avenues. Authorities have not said if the three were connected.

The Tuesday morning shooting happened on Sumter Street, according to an incident report. While enroute, officers saw a SUV, which then drove away from police. The three people inside then abandoned the SUV near E Street, and one person was run over by the vehicle while trying to escape. The person then got up and ran away with the others.

Police found shell casing in the road on Sumter Street and saw that a house “appeared to have pockmarks in the brick as if the house had been in a warzone,” according to the incident report.

No suspect information for any of the shootings has been released.