HARTSVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) — A second person has been charged in connection with a New Year’s Day robbery at a Taco Bell in the 900 block of South Fifth Street in Hartsville, according to police.

Marshawn Nijiear Spruill, 21, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with accessory before the fact of a felony, according to police.

Spruill allegedly knew Joseph McFadden — who was previously arrested in connection with the robbery — planned to rob the store and unlocked the door so he could get inside, police said. Both Spruill and McFadden were employees at the Taco Bell at the time.

According to a police report for the incident obtained by News13 in January, witnesses gave officers a description of a man — later identified as McFadden — and told them he came in the front door of the restaurant with a gun and went behind the counter. He then went into the kitchen and pointed the gun at an employee and made him get on the floor while demanding money.

Later, the report says, the suspect went into the back of the store and grabbed the store manager and placed the gun in his back while again demanding money. He also forced the manager to move around the store at gunpoint while trying to force him to get money out of a safe and cash registers.

According to the report, the suspect also “forcibly” brought a man who was trying to leave the restaurant back inside, and at one point held him at gunpoint during a struggle. After being told there was no money, the suspect ran out the front door and fired four shots into the air while running toward a gas station across the street.

Officers later recovered four shell casings outside the store, the report said.

McFadden was later located at his mother’s home in Florence County and was charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, pointing or presenting a firearm and discharging a firearm within city limits.