Former inmate files lawsuit against Evans Correctional after he says he was stabbed during 2017 riot

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BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – A former inmate has filed a lawsuit against Evans Correctional Institution after he says he was stabbed during a 2017 riot.

Akeem Rashad Myers filed the lawsuit against the South Carolina Department of Corrections, according to the lawsuit. Myers was placed into the custody of Evans Correctional Institution “at some point in August or September of 2017” and “remained until his attack.”

The lawsuit claims that on November 21, 2017, Myers “was in a room with several other inmates when he heard a commotion outside on the recreational floor.”

Myers “opened the door to a riot where inmates were running around fighting and stabbing each other,” the lawsuit also claims. “The riot went on for at least five minutes.”

Myers claims he “was stabbed numerous times to the neck, arm, chest, back and legs” and that “the stabbing immediately dropped him to the floor in his own blood.”

The lawsuit further claims that at the time of the incident, “there were no correctional officers covering the Santee Unit” and “the Plaintiff is informed and believes that all interior doors (to include all cell doors and those doors leading in and out of each wing) were unlocked and open.”

The following causes of action are listed in the lawsuit: Negligence/Gross Negligence/Negligent Hiring/ Negligent Training/Negligent Supervision.

The full lawsuit can be read here.


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