“It’s certainly a tremendous financial help”: ‘Florence 7’ receive more than $20K

Pee Dee

The Credit Union of the Carolinas raised $20,075 for the Florence Police benevolent fund after tragedy struck at the Vintage Place neighborhood.

“If the officers didn’t know it before, I think they know now how much they’re appreciated in what they do,” said Chief Allen Heidler with the Florence police department,

The Credit Unions of the Carolinas came together Thursday morning at the council chambers in Florence to honor the law enforcement officers wounded and killed on October 3. 

“I feel like it’s certainly a tremendous financial help from them. There’s a lot of hidden cost and issues that occur like this and I know they greatly appreciate it,” said Chief Heidler. 

More than 25 credit unions contributed to the $20,075 check presented to Florence Police Chief Heidler and police chaplain Sam Turbeville. 

The check will be equally divided among the ‘Florence 7’ survivors and families. 

“Perfect timing, it puts a smile on our faces and like I said in our hearts. It means a lot, we appreciate it,” said Florence Police officer Travis Scott. 

Officers who attended the press conference say they’re grateful for the amount of support the community has shown. 

“All the hard work we put into this job, it’s a reflection on how the community is supporting us now and we’ll continue to do the best we can,” said Florence Police officer Brian Hunt. 

Chief Heidler also gave an update on officer Scott Williamson’s recovery, and said Williamson has made tremendous progress and will return to Florence within the next month. 

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