FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — The race for a state senate seat representing Florence is on between Republicans Jay Jordan and Mike Reichenbach.

Jordan is currently a member of the state House, while Reichenbach is the owner of several car dealerships in the Pee Dee.

The winner of the special Primary election on Jan. 25 will go on to face Democratic candidate Suzanne La Rochelle in a special March 29 election. The winner will fill the District 31 seat of longtime Sen. Hugh Leatherman, who died in November after a battle with cancer.’

“Born and raised right here in Florence,” Jordan said. “You know, love It so much, and now I’m raising my family right here in Florence. “My wife is from here as well. Committed to what we want Florence to be for our family and our friends and families.”

Jordan said he is a family man, church deacon and Sunday school teacher, and when he’s not doing that, he represents Florence in the House.

“You know, it comes down to two things when you send someone to Columbia, to pass good legislation and stop bad legislation, and I think I’ve done that.”  

Jordan said his experiences in the House are what makes him the man to fill the vacancy created by the death of Leatherman.

“Point you back to the Heartbeat bill,” he said.”That was a tremendous step forward for a state like South Carolina that’s a pro-life state to take a position and increase that. I’d say one of the things the House just worked on was the Biden Administration policies dealing with mandates. And again, that’s not an anti-vaccination thing, it’s just the federal government doesn’t have any place forcing to a point that someone has to worry about losing their livelihood.”

If he wins, Jordan said his No. 1 priority will be to improve economic development.

“And the reason why I say that is because that’s not just one thing,” he said. “That’s connected directly to infrastructure and education. Those three things are tied completely together. There’s not much that prepares you for learning that process.

“Certainly, your background and your experience and all of those things help tremendously to make you who you are, but learning the logistics of the process and then the relationships, to have the credibility with the people in the room, in the House and eventually in the Senate to know that my yes is my yes, and my no is my no, and that they can trust me to deliver the message on behalf of my constituents.”